Am I a Social Media Expert?

One of my hesitations in starting this blog is that I didn’t feel like a social media expert. Although I’ve been doing social media marketing and outreach for non-profits for the past five years, I never felt that I got the results that I wanted. There are still so many things about social media and marketing in general that I do not know. How can I expect people to turn to me as an expert when I don’t have a track record of astronomical results or mega earnings?

medals trophy certificateWhat I’ve started to realize is that my value is not in being the most knowledgeable, most successful person in the whole world. Instead, I am valuable because of my ability to learn and share what I am learning. At each stop in my professional career, I’ve added a piece of knowledge that makes me more effective at what I do today. I’ve made mistakes and experienced barriers to success. Now I’m passing on all of that knowledge and experience to others.

I’ve also realized that many people and organizations really need a push to start or jumpstart their outreach and marketing efforts. Many people don’t know how to set up their Facebook page or what Instagram really is. Not everyone sees the importance of posting to Twitter regularly or keeps up with the trends on how people engage content. My goal is to be a resource and encouragement to those individuals.

How about you? What unique skills and experiences do you bring to the table? What makes your church, school, or organization special? Do you have a unique building you can show off on Instagram? Do you have great testimonies you can share in short YouTube videos. Can you staff share easy tips for parenting or work/life balance in a blog? I encourage you today to realize that you do have something valuable to offer. The expert isn’t the one who knows everything, but rather the one who shares what he does know, even while he adds to his knowledge. Own your expert status.