Amy Schumer: Feminist Champion or White Privilege Warrior?

What really happened with Amy Schumer requesting (not “demanding” according to her) more money from Netflix? Did she find out that hyper-privileged men were being paid almost twice as much as her to do the same job? Did she make a reasonable request to be paid in line with her equally-qualified colleagues? Or, was this another attempt by a white person to gain at the expense of people of color? When I heard the story of Schumer requesting more than the initial $11 million she was offered by Netflix after finding out Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle (people who are actually reliably and constantly funny) were getting $20 million, I had flashbacks.

Amy SchumerI had flashbacks to learning about the white feminist who turned against the black community in the nineteenth century when recently emancipated black men were granted the right to vote. Certainly, they thought, civilized white women were more deserving of the franchise than brutish black men.

I had flashbacks to Hillary Clinton supporting “PUMAs” during the 2008 campaign. Certainly, they thought, a white women deserved to ascend to the presidency before a black man. It couldn’t be that the black man actually ran a better campaign, could it?

I had flashbacks to white women using black men as scapegoats for their own criminal behavior.

I had flashbacks to a white woman telling a fatal lie about a black boy and keeping her complicity in his murder secret for decades.Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are men, but they’re not just men, they’re black men. They’ve had to overcome at least as much privilege as Amy Schumer. One could argue they’ve been less privileged because Schumer has reached notoriety with much less talent than either. Every time Amy Schumer advocates for body-positivity (as she should), I’m reminded that, while non-supermodel-conforming white female bodes are often portrayed as undesirable, all black male and female bodies are often portrayed as inferior, dangerous, and sometimes even in need of extermination.

I understand the futility of the “oppression wars.” White privilege is real. Male privilege is real. Both are evil. Both are distructive. Both must be opposed.

But for all the crap white women take, they’re still white in a society that has white supremacy at it’s core. So, it’s no surprise that that Schumer was disoriented by the attack on her privilege that is getting paid less then black men.

I get it: equal pay is still not a reality, and it should be. I guess I’m just sick of white women needing to cut down black men to advocate for themselves. I’m sick of white people needing to denigrate black excellence in order to justify their own mediocrity. I’m sick of the Carolyn Bryan impersonations that black brothers into Boggie Men. In short, I’m sick of Amy Schumer.

Post Script. To be fair, Schumer has since openly acknowledged that Rock and Chappelle have greater seniority and deserve to be compensated as such. For as much grief as we give her, we should also giver her a little credit for that clarity.

Post Post Script. Click the links in the article. We need to know our history.