Morning Reads – 2/25/15

Here’s what I’ve read so far today that I feel may be interesting, helpful, or entertaining.




Proverbs 22:4 (English Standard Version)

The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life

Faith & Ministry

Preparing Your Heart for WorshipR.C. Sproul, Ligonier Ministries

It is very important that we take time to prepare our hearts to worship God before we set foot in the sanctuary on Sunday morning.

Youth Ministry & Family Adjusting ConversationsJosh Griffin, Download Youth Ministry

From time to time we can get so head down in ministry, raising kids and doing God’s work we get buried. Things pile up and people pile on until you’re simply overwhelmed.

The Two Most Important Things I’m Doing in My Youth MinistryStephen Ingram, Youth Specialties

While these will not guarantee you greater numbers or flashier programming, I can promise you that these two practices are some of the most profound that I get to perpetuate each week in the student ministry I’m in charge of.


The Mayoral Campaign’s Big Tax Reform IdeaPatrick Kerkstra, Philadelphia Magazine

One of the biggest ideas in the mayoral race to date was hatched not by any of the candidates, but by Center City Executive Director Paul Levy and Brandywine Realty CEO Jerry Sweeney. It’s really a variation on an old idea—tax reform—but this iteration features some consequential new wrinkles.

An overlooked reason why charters serve fewer poor families – Matthew Brooke, The Notebook

But even putting aside the larger question of whether it’s fair for the charter system to prosper at the District’s expense, there’s the question of equity. Do very low-income students have the same access to charters as better-off students? In my experience, the answer is no, and for a variety of reasons — but one in particular has rarely been discussed.

4 Charts That Show Stop-and-Frisk Is a Terrible Crime-Fighting ToolJoel Matthis, Philadelphia Magazine

I’ve always wondered why supporters of the police tactic known as “stop and frisk” think so highly of it. I guess it’s easy enough for them to brush aside questions of racial fairness and constitutional permissibility — if you’re a law-and-order type, laws that restrain police are mere obstacles to enforcing the kinds of laws that restrain suspected criminals. It’s a bad-guy-versus-good-guy world, and the good guys should always get as much help as they need fighting the bad guys, right?


Metaflop Lets You Create and Customize Your Own Fonts for FreePatrick Allen, Lifehacker

If you’re looking for the perfect font, but can’t seem to find it, you might be able to make it. Metaflop Modulator makes it easy to create custom fonts simply by adjusting some sliders.

I will attempt to post what I’m reading daily. Or almost daily. No promises.