Philadelphia Wallpaper for Phones and Computers

A desktop computer wallpaper featuring the Philadelphia Skyline and Broad Street Subway.

Guess what! I’ve decided to start designing wallpaper. No, not the kind you put up on the walls in your house (people still do that, right?), the kind you put on your phone’s home screen or your computer’s desktop.

This project started because I couldn’t find a wallpaper that fit how I wanted to set up my phone’s home screen (iPhone users, sorry if you can’t relate to having actual options). I had a specific way that I wanted to lay out icons, and I wanted a meaningful but not distracting background to complement that layout. After searching and searching, I remembered that I have expensive graphic design software and slightly better than average (I hope) design skills, so I just made it myself. Then it dawned on me, maybe there’s one or two people among the 7 billion on the planet who might actually want to use this, too. So, here it is.

Philadelphia Wallpaper for Your Phone

Philadelphia-themed wallpaper, designed for phone layouts

Actually, this isn’t for your pone, it’s for mine, which, by the way, is the Moto X Pure. If you like it and want to use it, but find that it’s not fitting your phone properly, leave a comment and I’ll resize it for you. Click the image to see a full size and download.

Philadelphia Wallpaper for Your Computer

Philadelphia Wallpaper
A desktop computer wallpaper featuring the Philadelphia Skyline and Broad Street Subway.

Again, I designed this to fit the dimensions of my own screen (1920 x 1080), but am more than happy to accommodate requests for different sizes.

In case you’re wondering:

  1. No, the image in the center is not intended to be to scale. If it were, Philly would have the most insanely massive subway cars ever.
  2. I chose to make this image because there aren’t enough Philly-centric wallpapers out there. If you’re from Philly, there’s a good chance you don’t want your ubany wallpaper to be a monument to New York or Paris. In other words, optionality.
  3. I wanted a wallpaper that wouldn’t be weirdly irrelevant in a year, so I included two currently under construction buildings. Bonus points if you can guess which.

If you have other designs you’d like to see me try, feel free to mention them in the comments. If you think my artwork is trash, you can mention that too, although my ego would rather you didn’t.