Workbench Wednesday: Font Studio

Yesterday, I wrote that design matters. Churches, non-profits, and community organizations must be diligent in practicing intentional design. Of course, the best design often comes with some combination of skill and equipment. How can you do good design if you’re not an artist and don’t have expensive graphic design software? You start with what you do have, and these days many of us at least have a smart phone.

My Font Studio Story

Enter Font Studio, this week’s Workbench Wednesday feature resource. Font Studio is a phone application that easily allows you to take an image and overlay text, shapes, and artwork to produce results like these:

There are many apps like this, each a little different than the others. I usually have more than one on my phone at a time. What I like about Font Studio is that it’s more than just text and a few emoji-like stickers. It has features that allow me to create a more professional looking result when I can’t get to my computer to properly design an image. Some of these features include:

  • Opacity controls – I can control the transparency of text and shape filters. I use this feature a lot to create semi-transparent backgrounds that make the text more legible.
  • A great font library – Some text overlay apps have a limited font selection, but Font Studio has a wide range of fonts
  • Multiple text layers – Some other similar apps allow you to have only one block of text. This means that all of your text is one size, one color and one font. Font Studio allows you to mix it up so you can be more creative with your designs.
  • Single color stickers – I find that for certain designs these work better and give a more professional and modern look than giant emojis.
  • Drop shadows – Adding a shadow to your text can make it easier to read when it’s placed on top of a photograph.

You can use Font Studio in a number of ways. I’ve used it to creatively present inspirational quotes. I’ve also used it for very practical purposes, such as announcing meeting or ministry dates. It’s especially useful if you have a message that you want to get out using Instagram. Font Studio can also be used to add captions to your photos. Best of all, it’s relatively easy to use. If you’re not really a designer but want to look like you actually put some thought into what you post on social media, give Font Studio a try.

Workbench Wednesday: Font Studio

The Particulars

  • Tool name: Font Studio
  • Description: A text overlay app
  • Recommended for: Leaders and social media account managers who like good design (or want to look like they like good design); Instagram users who need to communicate information in words
  • Where to get it:
  • How to use it: Pick a photo, corp appropriately, add an edit text, shape filters, and stickers