Workbench Wednesday – Social Media Church Podcast

Welcome to Workbench Wednesday! Every week I’ll share a spotlight on some tool, tip, app, or resource to help you better connect great people to great opportunities. Our first Workbench Wednesday feature is the Social Media Church Podcast.

Workbench Wednesday: Social Media Church Podcast

The Story

I recently started listening to the Social Media Church Podcast. From the first episode I heard I knew it would be a tool that could transform how I work. The name of the podcast is kind of a misnomer, because the focus on a wide array of technology issues related to churches and para-church Christian organizations.

The podcast was founded by DJ Chuang and is currently hosted by Nils Smith and Jay Kranda. Each of these men has a wealth of experience working with social media and technology within the Christian community. They bring on excellent guests for each episode and engage in meaningful discussions. Each episode applies relevant, cutting-edge technology to connect with people where they are and deliver the timely message of the Gospel. It seems that every time I listen to an episode of the podcast two things happen:

  • I wish I was with them in person so that I could ask questions and continue the conversation beyond the time limit of the episode
  • I get a million ideas of practical ways to apply the technology they are discussing

The crazy thing is that I didn’t even know that about the Social Media Church Podcast until after I started this blog. I was listening to other blogs about social media that were awesome, but were focused less on churches and non-profits and more on business and entrepreneurship. Don’t get me wrong. I learned a lot from those sources, and I’ll probably highlight some of them on another Workbench Wednesday, Still, I was left wanting more. On a whim I decided to search out a learning tool more focused in my area of practice, and I stumbled upon a gem.

This podcast really speaks to me from many perspectives. The hosts and their guests are real techies. They don’t just give tips, they really discuss what each piece of technology is and how it works, then apply that knowledge to ministry practice. It’s that combination of relevant, up-to-date knowledge and practicality that I believe makes the podcast so useful. They also discuss applications for large churches and smaller churches with fewer resources.

So, to everyone involved in making the Social Media Church Podcast a reality, thanks.

The Particulars

  • Tool name: Social Media Church Podcast
  • Description: A weeklyish podcast about Christian ministry, technology, and social media
  • Recommended for: Pastors, ministry leaders, organizational leaders, and techies
  • Where to get it:
  • How to use it: listen and learn

What do you think? Have you listened to this podcast? Did you find it useful? Share your thoughts on this week’s Workbench Wednesday in the comment section below.

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